Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Apparently there is an entire leaked copy of Deathly Hallows on the internet somewhere. Now, I don't go looking for spoilers (so I haven't read what's there - except for the epilogue (which was disappointing, to say the least), but some folks at some of the blogs I read do. Several of them have read the whole thing. And some folks who's opinions I really trust were really disappointed. And from the spoilers I've encountered, I think I will be to. The general consensus is that it seems like JKR kind of got bored with the series, and committed character assassination before the real deaths happened.

That makes me sad.

But in a way, I almost understand it.

Seven books with the same characters is a lot. Think about it. We're talking over 2000 pages - close to 3000. I can't imagine that. Of course there is going to be some decline in quality.

But in the last book? That makes me sad.

Nevertheless, I will be spending my Saturday reading the actual thing. I'll post my reactions when I do.

Maybe if this book sucks, it will kick my butt into getting back into the Greater American Novel.

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