Sunday, July 08, 2007

I had the most bizarre dream this morning, and I thought I'd share it with all you good people.

So I dreamed that I was at an open house for the Sisters of Charity, the religious order St. Elizabeth Ann Seton founded. Now, this wasn't a vocations thing, as I was the youngest person there by about 30 years, and there were men there, too. All of the sisters were wearing typical "nun clothes" (not a habit, but the kind of things nuns typically wear), but they all had on bonnets like the one St. Elizabeth is wearing here. And just so you know, I wrote a paper about St. Elizabeth and the Sisters of Charity in college (for the worst class I ever had in any level of education), which is how my subconscious supplied all these details.

Anyway, I got there too late to listen to this really great speaker I wanted to hear (which is my subconscious's way of spanking me for having trouble making it to church on time on a weekly basis). So those of us who arrived late were entertained by two lovely, elderly nuns who shared with us stories about the order's lay volunteer program (I don't even know that they have one of these, but a lot of orders do).

When the speaker in the other room was finished (to loud applause, and the listeners leaving with tears in their eyes), we were all shuttled to another room to have dinner and watch a movie, I'm not sure what dinner consisted of beyond noodles - and there were a LOT of noodles, including ramen), but the movie was about the man who was Pope before John XXIII. I don't think that he was ever named (which is my subconscious's way of saying that I have no idea who was Pope right before John XXIII), but he was played by Kenneth Branagh. It was quite an interesting film. In my mind, apparently this Pope was in ill health and did not want the faithful to know. So he devised all these "helps" to help him stand upright and walk easily whenever he had to be in public. It was quite the good movie, and Kenneth Branagh was brilliant.

When the movie was over, the sisters collected our dinner dishes (including the styrofoam cups from the ramen noodles), and told us we could do the dishes later. Then one of the sisters pulled out a guitar to lead a sing-along. That, thankfully, is when I woke up.

The dream was vivid enough that I had to look up on IMDB whether or not Kenneth Branagh played a pope in a move that was released in 2005. He did not. I also had to look up and see who was Pope before John XXIII. Branagh looks nothing like him. I also thought that there was another guy between Pius XII and John XXIII. Guess not, huh?

Anybody want to analyze this?

Oh, and I watched Finding Neverland yesterday. I've had the DVD for over a year and never quite got around to watching it. Wonderful movie. I also watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Not quite as wonderful, but entertaining nonetheless.

I think I may be sick. I woke up with really bad stomach pains that haven't gone completely away. I'm at work, nonetheless, though. Could be I'm just about to embark on that time of the month. (Sorry, guys).

Oh, and the AC isn't working in my building, apparently. Which makes being stuck here even more miserable. Yee. Hah.

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