Tuesday, July 03, 2007

So I think I'm in love.

Who is the lucky guy you may be asking yourself (if you really have no life whatsoever).

That would be Gordon Ramsay.

Yeah, the foul-mouthed chef guy.

I've been watching Hell's Kitchen on Fox for the last three years - love it. It's (sadly) my favorite part of the summer. This season totally rocks, too, because the contestants are sooo annoying.

Today, because things are slow (my job is very much a hurry-up-and-wait kind of job - it's either dead slow or crazy rushed), I watched a bunch of Gordon Ramsay stuff on YouTube. Kitchen Nightmares is wonderful. Even better were videos of him cooking stuff. His food is so simple, but looks so good.

I can't wait for the US version of Kitchen Nightmares this fall. And if I ever make it to England, I think I shall have to save for months to be able to eat in one of his restaurants, because I think it will be worth it.

That is all.

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