Thursday, September 18, 2008

My alma mater's student newspaper is finally online.

I didn't write for them when I was in college. I was too shy as a freshman to go to their offices, and, truth be told, not all that interested in journalism. One of my regular readers did, though, so she'll appreciate this.


tomzgrrl said...

Yes, I do appreciate it being online. Now I need to read it occasionally.

I'm actually going to Homecoming and the GUKnight reunion. So is my brother.

I going sans children!! and sans spouse. I'm going to audit the Taskmaster's class on Friday and then hang out until Sunday. Mostly by myself. Appealing to me -- since I don't even usually get to use the bathroom without an audience (not Husband -- the kids, mind you).

anyway -- how different from when I was on staff.

And you should have signed up!!!!

Sheryl said...

Should I know who the Taskmaster is? I have a couple guesses in my head, but no certainty.

And you remember me back in those days. I really, really was shy. You intimidated the living daylights out of me as a freshman (which you probably don't remember since I spent most of the year hiding in whatever corner I could find). I don't think I could have handled a whole mess of people who intimidated me all at once.

tomzgrrl said...

I took 27 credits from her -- the resident Creative Writing instructor -- Berwyn.

Sheryl said...

I had a feeling that was who you meant. I only had nine credits with her, but they were probably the best classes I took in my major. I would have taken more if my program had allowed it (English Ed. was really, really regimented in what we had to take).

Though I have to admit I really enjoyed American Lit 1865-1914 with Charlie Smith, too.

I think in the English Dept., the most classes I took from one prof. was 4, and that was with she who was called Sister Satan. Those were painful, painful classes.

tomzgrrl said...

May Charlie Smith rest in peace. I LOVED him -- so did Michele Wroblewski Whitaker!!! Charlie Smith was awesome!!!!!