Friday, September 12, 2008

A local TV station here started a run on gas around here yesterday when they reported on their noon newscast that gas could go has high as $5 a gallon overnight (from $3.54 on average) as a result of Hurricane Ike. Of course, they did say that it would likely not increase more than $0.75, and some chains of stations said not more than $0.13.

Naturally, no one heard that last part. Lines at gas stations stretched out onto the roads and blocked traffic all afternoon and well into the evening.

People are stupid. Yes, gas will increase. That's what happens when refineries shut down for several days. No, it will not suddenly spike to $10 a gallon. That is price fixing, and it is illegal, and the attorney general here is watching for it. Folks, when you panic like that, all you are doing is making life more difficult for all of us. Think of all the gas you wasted sitting in line. All to save $1.30 on 10 gallons of gas? Is that really worth it?


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