Friday, September 19, 2008

I wish Oprah would stop endorsing books. I really, really wanted to read this one, but I made a vow to never read any book she picked for her "book club." I just don't believe that celebrities should be telling us what we should read, and I especially don't think that Oprah should have so much influence on the tastes of the United States that as soon as she recommends something it becomes a best seller.

Oprah is not the second coming, folks. (At least I assume she isn't. Somehow, I think the Big Guy would choose a less consumerist person for His reappearance on the third rock from the sun).

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tomzgrrl said...

I say read it anyway -- because YOU wanted to read it. F--- Oprah and do NOT let her win!!! Most of the people who buy that book because she picked it will not read it for the literary impact.

I know that when something becomes popular because of Oprah or someone else, it's stigmatized -- but noone can see in your brain and know you read it -- and if they could, they'd know it wasn't because of HER. You could buy it with cash and have no traceability to the purchase, maybe???