Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I really, really hate it when people, when discussing the presidential candidates, refer to the male candidates by their last names, or with a title and their last names, and refer to Hilary Clinton as "Hilary".

I'm not a fan or supporter of Senator Clinton (though as I said before, I would vote for her against the Republican candidate if she wins the nominiation), but she deserves the same respect as the male candidates. I find it more than slightly sexist when people do that, like she isn't worthy of the same regard as the male candidates.


tomzgrrl said...

Something that bugs me, because I'm Old School, is that the press/media has stopped following the protocol that requires one to address the president as "President Bush" and any former presidents as "FORMER President Clinton". Too many times, they will say "Mr. Bush" and "President Clinton" -- which I find to be a none too subtle undermining of the current President's authority.

If you watch/listen closely, it will start to stick out more and more. Drives me crazy -- not because I'm a Republican, but because I like to follow protocol.

Sheryl said...

Yeah, that annoys me too.

Actually, there are a lot of things related to politics that annoy me lately. I will probably discuss them at length in the months to come.

tomzgrrl said...

Me too! I have several posts pending (once I deal with the puking feverish little Dictator).

Husband wanted me to point something out to you -- he says that Hillary Clinton's campaign signs and literature -- ALL of it -- just says "Hillary". He said (respectfully) that if that offends you, that Hillary is guilty of it herself.

We think it's because she doesn't want any Clinton for President stickers for HER to be confused with those for Bill. er, uh, Former President Clinton.

Anyway, just a thought!

Sheryl said...

Oh, Husband is absolutely right. She is just as guilty as the commentators. I just think that if a woman is going to run she, and everyone else involved, should treat her as an equal to the male candidates, including references to her name.

And you are right - there is no doubt that she is trying to distance herself from her husband. And with good reason - even if I thought he was decent president. Why remind people that you would be continuing a Bush-Clinton regime that has gone on for far too long?

Stupid politics.

Stupid government.

Stupid RFPs

Sorry - got a little off track there. It's been a long day.

I guess it has for you, too. Hope Dictator stops puking sometime soon!