Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Quick Update...

  • That broken tooth just lost a filling and I can't get a dentist appt. until May 22. That stinks.
  • I'm truly madly deeply in love with a college professor in North Dakota that I know virtually nothing about and who knows nothing about me. Got you wondering on that one, huh?
  • I think I have another abscess. I'm hoping it gets better and doesn't need to be drained - it's in a place I'd rather not have packed.
  • I restarted my novel this past weekend. Still the same plot and title, entirely different structure. The title now doesn't make sense until the last third of the book, but that's OK. This structure works much better from a narrative perspective.
  • My car's noises seem to have been caused by low power steering fluid and low brake fluid. Added both this weekend and it's much better.
  • I think when I see my doctor in July, I may see about getting off the antidepressants. I can't find a time to take them when they don't interfere in my life somehow. Of course, not being anxious about everything under the sun and crying every two minutes has been nice too...
  • Make sure you come visit me next Friday (5/12). I have an important announcement to make.

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