Thursday, May 18, 2006


TG just told me that a guy I went to college with, a guy I in fact shared a home with for a year, committed suicide.  He was a priest and he hanged himself in his church’s rectory.  I’m in shock.

J was a good guy.  He would debate anyone on just about any subject.  He loved to play racquetball.  The only thing he was capable of cooking was canned soup and canned hash and canned stew.  He pretty much lived on that and the kindness of others his year in the house.

J was a very devout, very traditional Catholic.  He was also a political conservative.  He would engage anyone who was willing (and some who were not) in rigorous discussion and debate on any subject you can imagine.  I seldom agreed with his viewpoint, but I admired the logic and zealousness with which he defended it.

J had an intellectual sense of humor that I appreciated.  Nevertheless, he could sit in front of the TV with us on Saturday night laughing at the broad comedy of SNL.  He had an easy laugh, and went to happy hour with his friends every Friday night.

J was also amazingly driven.  He had a double major in Math and Philosophy.  He worked hard in school, and he worked hard for anything he cared about, especially the anti-abortion movement.

J…was a friend.  I may have lost touch with him over the years, but I thought about him and prayed for him often.  He will be missed.

If you happen upon this blog, please pray for his family.  This is the second child they have lost now.  I can’t imagine how his parents are coping.

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Tim said...

I'm so sorry, my condolences on the loss of your friend.