Sunday, August 31, 2008

Outer Bands

We've been seeing the clouds from the outer bands all afternoon.

If you've never been waiting for a hurricane before (and I know that most of the people who read this who "knew me when" haven't), it is hard to describe what the outer band clouds look like. Basically, the whole sky is overcast, but the sun still shines through that. Then, layered on top of that overcast, are long, thin, horizontal clouds.

The weird part about them is that they don't really move like you would expect them to. If you look at satellite footage of a hurricane, you would expect them to be moving pretty rapidly. But really, they just kind of sit there. There is not much wind. It truly is the calm before the storm.

I'll probably be going silent sometime tomorrow morning, when the power goes. You probably won't hear from me Tuesday, and maybe not Wednesday. If you haven't seen me put something up by Thursday evening, though, click through to Amy's blog on my sidebar and leave her a comment or e-mail her asking her to call my cell (Amy, I hope you still have the number!). I'll tell her how to post to my blog via e-mail so that she can let you know that I'm alive.

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