Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hurricane Update

I have a really bad feeling about Gustav. I know that we here in BR will pretty much be fine. I have food and water, and batteries. Still, I'm nervous. Call it the Katrina Effect, I guess.

Everyone in BR seems really tense, and is really going nuts to buy batteries, canned goods, etc. There is not a can of tuna to be had anywhere. I had to settle for sardines (which is fine - I like sardines).

Our brand new interim pastor was planning on driving down here from Arkansas on Monday. I would guess that isn't happening.

Just wanted everyone to know that I'm fine here. I'll continue to blog every now and then while I have power.

I don't need anything but prayers. Although, if you want to send me an iTunes gift certificate, that wouldn't go amiss. I'm trying to download as much as I can onto my laptop so that I can be entertained when the power goes (now that I have an iPod, and since I'll likely be back to work on Wednesday). I've already spent way too much money.


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LutherPunk said...

I have been on the phone with family down there a lot the past day or so. I have a bad feeling about this one too. I tried to talk everyone into coming to Atlanta, but to no avail. My brother is sending his wife and kids to family in North Mississippi, but he is staying put for fear of getting looted. Most of my family is South Mississippi are doing the same, hunkering down and hoping for the best.

You are in my prayers.

BTW, watching the LSU game yesterday at 11:00 am was just downright strange!