Saturday, July 12, 2008

Well, I survived helping on the project from hell without killing anyone, and now I just have my own two proposals to do.

Why was I on the verge of homicide? So glad you asked. Over the month long duration of the hellacious proposal, three people were working on resumes, and doing nothing but working on resumes for that project. Boy, did they screw things up. We had set up a spreadsheet to track progress, in a very simple way, and went over it in a meeting. Did they use the damn thing correctly? Nope. Did they take direction when they were told they weren't using it correctly? Nope. Were the resumes that were put in the folder that was created only to hold final versions actually final versions? Nope. Were the ones that were really final version in the correct format? For the most part, nope. Did they do things like correct spelling and grammar when copying from someone's original resume into the new format? Nope.

I had to stop working on my own projects (which I anticipated) and spend two 16 hour days just trying to sort through and correct resumes. It was horrible. I never want to do that again.

And do I get help getting my two things out this week? Nope. It's a good thing I got an extension on the one. TweedleDee and TweedleDum (the two coworkers who screwed up the resumes) were just too tired to work on Thursday and Friday. I put in two all nighters in three days and late nights two days before and I was there. Boss says I can get them to help me on my things, but I don't know that I trust them firstly, and secondly, I don't know that they will actually be willing to or if they will be too tired.

Sigh. Sorry for being sarcastic and bitchy. I just feel like if you are going to be part of a team, you have to give the team your best effort. That doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your personal life or your family, but when you are present, you need to be really present. And sometimes, you need to sacrifice your weekend plans, or not make them when you know you need to work in the first place.

Part of it is a generational thing. TweedleDee is pretty young. As is the one of the other guys (who does have an excuse for not working this past weekend - he was getting married). I think the kind of work ethic I was raised with, where you owe your company your job and your best effort, isn't really present in the millenials.

TweedleDum, on the other hand, I don't know what his deal is. He just disappears for long stretches. We presumed he was back working with TweedleDee and other new guy (guess he needs a name, too), but the amount of work that was being produced didn't seem to bear that out.

I don't know. It was just a frustrating mess. It didn't help that I got my period (sorry, gentlemen) right at crunch time, either. That made me crankier than I might have been otherwise.

Tomorrow, I intend to write about church stuff from the laundromat (as opposed to work stuff from the coffee house, which is where I am now. Yes, the person who didn't protect their wireless network, thus enabling me to steal his bandwidth, moved out.).

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