Friday, July 18, 2008

Hey, all. If any of you out there who are parents have kids who are having problems with language arts, especially grammar, usage, and mechanics, and you would like a book to use for working with them at home, I have a copy of Jane Bell Kiester's Grammar with a Giggle that I bought for a coworker. The problem is that she changed the format, and it makes it impractical for him to use on his own. But a parent working with a child (or children) could totally make use of this.

Likewise, if any of you are teachers (especially elementary or middle school language arts), this is a fantastic book to supplement whatever you are doing already in the classroom.

To the first person who responds with their e-mail addy, I'll sell it to you for half what I paid ($6) and I'll ship it for free if you don't mind it being shipped book rate.

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