Monday, July 28, 2008


So, I talked myself out of actually going away somewhere next week. I overthink things too much. While I can afford to go where I was planning to go, it just seemed...frivolous to me. I guess that's what happens when you don't go on a single vacation from the time you were 5 until the time you were 33. I can't bring myself to waste the money.
But I am contemplating treating myself to a spa day here at home. Only problem is, I can't convince myself to spend the money for that either. My little voice (and I can't decide if it sounds more like my dad or my mom or Suze Orman) says that it isn't worth spending the money on.
But I haven't had a whole week off in two years (since I started at this company, which was almost exactly 2 years ago). I want to pamper myself a little bit.
I'm also more than a little intimidated by the whole spa experience. Do I really have to change into a robe for a manicure, pedicure, and facial? I'm not skinny or pretty like all of the women on the websites (I know, I know - they are just models in stock photos for the most part). I'm self-conscious, and working class (despite my college degree and nice, new salary increase), and what if I don't fit in?
So, if you read this, convince me to spend a little money on something completely frivolous. And convince me that the ladies at the spa won't look at me with contempt.
(I know, I know. The therapy thing helped a lot, but I have a lot of issues from a whole lot of years. I'm working on it).


Tim said...

Go to the spa and relax! If just skinny model type women went there they'd be out of business. I held off going to a fitness center for the same reason, but once I did go I saw that most people there were as out-of-shape as I was, and nobody cared.

tomzgrrl said...

Unless you're planning on a brazilian bikini wax (in which case I *would* talk you out of going) -- I would say GO TO THE SPA and anyone who makes you feel bad can go to heck. You deserve it just as much as the miserable skinny witches, too! (I try to always put myself in the mindset of -- I won't be the best they've ever seen, but I won't be the worse either!)