Friday, June 01, 2007

On my last post, LP asked what Eat'n Park was, and if it was similar to Sonic. The answer to that is no...and yest.
In its earliest days, Eat'n Park is exactly what Sonic is today - a drive in, the kind where you order from your car and a carhop brings your food to you (for you Yankees uninitiated to the wonder that is Sonic. If you are ever in the south, you must get a vanilla coke (the kind where the put the syrup in the Coke afterwards) or a strawberry slush, made with real fruit).
Today Eat'n Park is a chain of family restaurants across Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia. It can best described by saying it is a step above IHOP, and a step below Applebee's. They have good, unpretentious food at reasonable prices. And they are famous for the Smiley Cookies they give to kids, which are actually kind of gross, but traditional, nonetheless.
Eat'n Park was THE restaurant most of the people I grew up with went to. You could take your family out to eat at a sit-down restaurant without going broke. They have awesome breakfast, too.
The closest thing we have here in BR is Picadilly, which has the same kind of food, but is a cafeteria-type place. I'm not even exaggerating when I say that is the biggest thing I miss about home. And I'll be there on a Sunday, when, according to the website, they have Cream of Potato soup, which is the best Cream of Potato soup you will ever, ever, have.
I can't wait. Between that and Primanti's (where they put coleslaw and french fries ON the sandwiches)...I don't know what I'm looking forward to more.

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