Wednesday, June 13, 2007

First of all, if you are female, you must buy Ryka tennis shoes.
They are horribly comfortable, made specifically to fit women's feet, and horribly comfortable. The only downside is that only a few styles come in a wide width. carries at least one of those styles; I don't think carries any. I love my new shoes, and I have a week to break them in before I go all over creation in Pittsburgh.
Second of all, Dell refunded my account, finally. I wonder if the Dell representative who happened upon my blog had anything to do with it. Regardless, I am not buying my camera from them. I found a better one at Circuit City for less than half the price. As soon as my account is paid off, I am done with Dell.
Third, why do two bras in the same size from the same manufacturer made with the same material fit differently? What is up with that? Don't they have some kind of size standardization thingy in their plants?
Fourthly, I am looking forward to seeing my hometown as a tourist, even if it only for one full day and two half days. I'm seeing the exhibit at Phipps Conservatory on Thursday night, then perhaps again on Friday morning (it's a cool exhibit, and it's totally different at night and during the day apparently). If not, I'm not sure what I'm going to do on Friday morning. I'm having lunch with a friend then, and Friday night I plan to go to the Warhol Museum and then to see a show downtown (Amish Burlesque - It's a comedy, if you couldn't tell).
Saturday, I'm going to visit the cemeteries before I go to Erie. I can only put cut flowers on my parents' grave, but I'm thinking of planting a rose bush at my grandmother's so that she will always have pink roses, even though there is no one to take them year after year (another guilt trip I've laid upon myself that probably merits an entry at some point).  I'd like to go to the Strip District, too, but that seems kind of pointless (although lunch at Benkovitz sounds like a good thing).
I am a little leery about driving in PA, though. I've picked up a lot of bad habits living here for five years. Things like accelerating on a yellow (yellow lights are extremely long here, and if you don't accelerate, the person tailgating you will hit you), never using turn signals, and assuming the posted speed limit means minimum speed. Baton Rouge drivers really are the worst I've ever seen. Worse even than Ohio drivers.
Oh well, I guess I'll get back to work. Getting my hair cut this afternoon.  Woo hoo!


tomzgrrl said...

The funny thing about driving is -- the whole time I was reading about how bad the drivers in BR are -- I was thinking -- it sounds like Ohio drivers!!!

At least the last 2 cars through every intersection are running the red light -- but not me! But you really have to watch out!

Tim said...

What's with the crack about Ohio drivers? hmm?? Everyone knows that green means go, yellow- you can fit a few more through, and red means floor it!