Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I am spending time discovering the wonders of YouTube in between past performance writeups and resumes. If I didn't I would have lost my mind already, as I have to work this weekend.

Enjoy this Easy Reader clip from The Electric Company. I loved this show more than anything when I was a kid. I really think that it played a huge part in my learning to read as early as I did. I can remember going places with my mom and dad and sounding out the signs around me. I can also remember being as excited about reading as Easy Reader. Before I could read, it was all I wanted to do. Once I learned, it was hard to pull books out of my hands.

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tomzgrrl said...

How totally FANTASTIC that the clip is MORGAN FREEMAN!!!! on the Electric Company!!!!

I love YOUTUBE! Anything I miss on regular TV (Conan OBrien introducing the Emmys was incredible) -- I just watch it on YOUTUBE.

If there had been the internet and cellphones when I was in college or grad school, I totally would have failed out!