Friday, December 01, 2006

I have a new mission in life. I am prepared to devote all of my energies, time, and resources into finding my quarry. I will not rest until I succeed.

I am looking for a good-looking, comfortable bra that actually fits everywhere.

If I ever find the object of my desire, I will buy 70 of them so that they will last forever. Of course, if I ever find one, it'll probably be of the $50 variety and not the $12 variety. Not that $840 dollars is much better than $3500 dollars.

But someday, I will find a bra that fits in the shoulder straps, the band and the cups with no weird little puckers, no cutting, and no binding. And it will not have underwires or boning in the sides. And it will be soft and not itchy. And it will achieve the look of duct tape without the pain of ripping off adhesive.

Yes, the holy grail of feminine support garments exists somewhere in this land. And I shall find it, or sag trying.


Denise said...

Lane Bryant. Trust me. Changed my life and now I wear tshirts.

Sheryl said...

Actually, one of my most favorite bras ever came from them. It was underwire, but it wasn't uncomfortable at all. Hmm...if it weren't Christmastime, I might just make a trip to the mall. However, I fully plan to stay away from that particular street until well after January 1st.