Sunday, November 01, 2009

So Where Have I Been??

That is the question some of you have been asking, perhaps. I was a faithful updater for years and years, and then...I just kind of fell off the face of the earth. From what I can tell, that happened to a lot of bloggers this year. Is Facebook to blame? Perhaps a little bit. I certainly spent more time over there this past year. Work? Definitely a contributing factor. Increased responsibility at church? OH YEAH.

But really, this has been kind of a topsy-turvy year for me, and I haven't really had the words to talk about it, at least not in a public forum. I've spent the better part of the last year doubting myself, and questioning everything I thought I knew about who I was, what I wanted out of life, and where I am going in the future. It's made concentrating on anything - work, church, my own writing, reading, etc. - really difficult.

And honestly, it still isn't resolved. You don't make major life decisions overnight, and you really don't make them overnight when you are nearing a birthday that ends in a zero and has a number between three and five in it. And you certainly don't make them that way when they involve taking on more student loan debt.

So I've been muddling along, trying to figure out what the Big Guy wants me to do with my life, now that it is half over (I know, I know...38 is not that old. But my parents died young, so I am realistic). He hasn't done a real good job of clarifying, but He has done a fabulous job of making me more confused than ever.

Nevertheless, I'll be blogging here all month, and hopefully it will reignite the passion - any passion. Because that is one thing I seem to be lacking lately.


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Trevor said...

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