Thursday, November 05, 2009

Malaise Thoughts


My friend Jenn posted a status update about having a midlife crisis - specifically if we are old enough to have one yet (we went to high school together).

I was thinking about it on the drive home from the laundromat, and I realized that is exactly what my problem is. I am having a midlife crisis. I figure I'm old enough. Both of my parents were dead before they reached the age I would be if you doubled my current age (that would be 76), so while I might have a few more years since I don't drink or smoke, I figure I'll probably be getting ready to kick the bucket by then.

Anyway, I'm having all the hallmarks of a midlife crisis. I bought a new car in the last 18 months (OK, it's a Chevy Malibu, but still), I'm questioning my career, and I'm crushing on much younger men. I'm restless, and cranky, and I just want something different.

I think that's at the root of my problem. I wonder how long a midlife crisis lasts? Hope it isn't until menopause. I might not make it (though my mom had that kind a early too...).

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