Saturday, June 21, 2008

I'm an Idiot

Total and complete idiot.

The young adults at my church (I consider myself an emeritus member now) have been planning a going-away thing for our departing pastor and his wife. They both really have a heart for young adults, and recogize what an important part of the Church (capital intentional) they are. Anyway, people have been telling me all along that it was on the 21st. So when I get the e-mail confirming the time and location and what I should bring, I didn't even look at the date.

So after sleeping in this morning (another long, long week), I rushed around this morning to buy stuff to make dip, then rushed to get everything ready (I left myself an hour to actually prepare the dips I planned to make - 3 different ones, all from scratch, thank you very much). I took a quick shower and ran out of the house because I still had a chance to be on time for the do, which started at 4. Of course, I left the house without my purse - it wasn't even on my radar.

Anway, I find the house, get there right at 4...and no one is there, including the owners. I thought, "That's odd. I'll drive around the block and see if that changes." After doing that 4 times, I realized that I had to have the wrong day (either that, or someone was playing a cruel trick). So I head home, knowing I was very low on gas and had to stop at a gas station first.

I get to the gas station purse. I made it home though, through much prayer and turning the A/C off. Checked my e-mail, and low and behold, the party is tomorrow, when I can't actually make it because I committed to working tomorrow.


I'm going to go to at least drop off stuff for their gift, unless I see someone at church I can give it to. This really sucks.

I was really looking forward to this. Today was the first full day I've had off in a month. I could have used some fun.


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