Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I found this story really interesting.

I remember when all this happened in 2002. The girl lived in my neighborhood, and it was the first time that a kid in Pittsburgh was kidnapped and abused by someone they met on the internet. I was teaching at the time, and it prompted all kinds of paranoia at the school about whether or how to restrict internet access at the school, how much involvement the school should have with what a kid posts outside of school, and what parents should be doing at home. That semester, we had no fewer than 5 workshosp on internet saftey for parents, and two for us teachers.

I also remember how everyone thought that both the girl and her parents were behaving really inappropriately after she was brought back. They sought out media attention, and the had the girl dressed like...well, not like a 13 year old. We wondered what kind of parent would let their daughter dress and wear the kinds of makeup she had on in the photos she had posted to the internet (she most definitely did not look 13 - hell, she most definitely did not look 18. VERY provocative). We wondered how a 13 year old could sneak out of the house like that - apparently it wasn't even that late - without her parents (who were home) noticing.

I'm glad this girl seems to have grown up well, even if she does apparently still have a yen for the spotlight. I hope things continue to go well for her.

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LutherPunk said...

Our church and the big UMC one down the street from us teamed up with the Sheriff's office here and we do internet safety training at the public schools. It is amazing to me how many parents don't monitor what their kids are doing online.