Thursday, March 08, 2007

OK. Amazon sent me this link which is supposedly the 200 definitive albums of the Rock era. I agree with some of their choices, but the Titanic Soundtrack? 50 Cent's first album? R. Kelly? And there was no Queen listed, I don't remember seeing REM (though I could be wrong). What's up with this list? Discuss.

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LutherPunk said...

One word to describe that list: Crap-tastic.

I commented on this somewhere else, but was amazed originally at what made it. The problem is that there are so many great albums out there, and yet the current music market is not one in which we think about the concept of album...we are too driven by singles to care. Thus we get lists like the one you point to.

We have a very large music collection at our home (currently lost track of number of CD's (but it is well into the 1000's, plus a number of records mp3s and such), and I don't own a lot of stuff on that list. Mostly because it sucks.

Of course, it was put out by the same organization that has neglected to acknowledge the debt of gratitude that is owed to rockabilly, preferring instead to focus on British invasion garbage. Sorry folks, but we could have made it without the Beatles. We could not have made it without Link Wray, Johnny Burnette or Elvis (hillbilly cat Elvis, not Vegas Elvis).

Here ends my angry rant.