Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Yeah, Yeah

So I've been MIA for 10 days. What's it to ya?

But seriously...

I've been really busy this past week or so. I recovered from my cramps eventually, and stopped retaining water (and chocolate). We'll see what happens from here, I guess.

Last night I stayed up almost all night (fell asleep around 6). See, I was in bed, and almost asleep, when inspiration struck and I realized how to get past the point in the short story I am working on where I was stuck. I need to have it done by the end of the month to enter it into the contest I am working on it for, so naturally I got up and started typing. By the way, you need to check out Google Docs and Spreadsheets. It's word processing software you can access for free from anywhere, and you can save your documents on line. It also allows for others to collaborate on the same document. Very convenient for those of us who write in multiple places.

I have thoughts on Lent. They ar many and varied. I also have thoughts on why my church should move services to 11:15 or 11:30 on Sunday mornings, so that I will make it every week without oversleeping. I shall share those thoughts at a later date. Right now, I must go back to the drudgery of work. Enjoy Ash Wednesday, folks.

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tomzgrrl said...

I am SO not ready for Lent this year.

One year, when we were at the great University to the North, I gave up swearing for Lent.

Walked out of the apartment, stepped in a puddle of slush, and promptly swore. Remembered it was Lent and swore again. (I ended up giving up something else altogether.)

That's what today feels like.