Friday, February 09, 2007

In deference to all my readers in colder climes, I won't complain about the fact that I can't seem to get warm. Yes, I know the temperatures here are in the 50's and 60's, and I know that seems like a heat wave to y'all, and in truth, it is actually warmer than the normals here (which are the 40's and 50's this time of year), but I'm cold, dammit!

Come summer of course, when we've had 4 consecutive months of temperatures in the high 90's, I'll be longing for these days.

Oh, and I still have cramps and I'm still cranky. And yesterday, I cried because the stoplight wouldn't change. And the day before, I cried because the guy took too long to bring my food at the drive through. Yeah, I'm a wee bit hormonal. I guess that's what happens when seven months worth of PMS gets unleashed all at once.

I never told you about my cool craft project, did I? I found a sweatshirt on ebay that combined two of my favorite things: Snoopy and my Alma Mater. Now, this shirt was old and well worn, and when I got it, I decided I loved it, but didn't want to wear it because the inside is all scratch now. So I turned it into a pillow.

I turned it inside out and sewed up the bottom. I did it by hand, so I used a blanket stitch, but if you use a machine, you could use a running stitch. Then I decided that I wanted the sleeves still on, but I didn't want to stuff them. So I sewed up the cuffs while it was still inside out, then I turned it rightside out through the neck hole, and sewed close the sleeves along the shoulder seams. Now, this shirt was an adult XL, so it took three bags of fiberfill to stuff it. Then I sewed closed the neck. I now have a wonderful, big, fluffy pillow.

You could stuff the sleeves, if you wanted, in which case you would skip sewing along the shoulder seams. Or you could get rid of the sleeves altogether by sewing along the shoulder seams when the shirt is inside out then cutting the sleeves off.

This would be a great thing to do for a sentimental t-shirt or sweatshirt, or that favorite piece of clothing a child has that they just don't want to stop wearing, even though it stopped fitting several years ago (it was a pair of pajamas for me).

Oh, and my new ambition in life is to design fancy teas.

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