Sunday, February 11, 2007

I'm sitting here on the couch shivering and whining because I STILL have cramps and debating about whether or not I should go into the office to deal with the little surprise I just got on the proposal that is due tomorrow. On the plus side, I'd probably get more work done in the office than I will here, on the minus, it is colder in the office than it is here. On the plus side, I wouldn't feel compelled to watch the guys from Nova Scotia rapping in Cajun French that are currently on the PBS station here, on the minus side, my cramps are worse when I'm sitting up than when I'm lying down. On the minus side, I really, really don't want to go anwhere - I just want to take a nap. Minus wins - I'm staying home.

Remind me not to let seven months go by with something not happening that should happen every month. That's a really, really bad idea.

I've turned of the Cajun Canadian rappers and I'm now watching a slightly creepy guy trying to sell a knock-off Bowflex machine. Did you know that lifting weights apparently makes your face skinny? According to this guy it does.

Oh, and I've determined that I will never be skinny. And that's OK. Being a size 0 or smaller is overrated. Though I do envy the metabolism those women must have.

OK. I'm going to switch back to the Cajun rappers and take a brief nap. Adeiu, all.

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