Saturday, February 25, 2006


Generally speaking, I’m pretty happy being single.  I don’t spend my free time longing for a man to complete me like so many single women do on TV or in the movies.  I don’t feel like less of a person because of my singleness.

But lately, I find myself longing for the intimacy of a married relationship. I want someone to confide my anxieties, joys, and boring details of my life to, and vice versa.  I want someone to lay next to at night in bed, and know that I am loved.

And even more oddly, I want to have a child.  This week I found myself picturing myself holding a tiny baby and telling hoe much Mummy and Daddy love him.  I imagined holding her on my lap at the library and reading the Velveteen Rabbit together.  I can see myself tucking him into bed at night after saying prayers together.  Heck, I’m even a little excited over the potential battle over math homework.

Perhaps it’s just a phase, and next week I’ll be back to normal.  Perhaps this is normal.  Who knows?

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