Sunday, October 16, 2005


Tomorrow I have an appointment with an ENT. I'm not happy about it.

Remember that ear infection I had a couple weeks ago? Well, it got better, but I'm still having some residual problems. Every now and then, it feels like fluid is built up again, but then it goes away. I think my boss got tired of me asking her to repeat herself, because she threatened to drag me in kicking and screaming if I didn't go voluntarily. Maybe I only have an allergy.

Of course, If I'm to be totally honest, I was having problems before the infection as well. I can't clearly hear conversation if there is any background noise, like in a restaurant or in the office when the printer or copier is running. I seem to have trouble with lower sounds as well. Add to that the fact that hearing loss runs in my dad's side of the family (every single one of his siblings have had problems of one kind or another), and the fact that I already had a small loss due to all the ear infections I had as a child, and well. I guess I should be worried. And I am.

She'll probably tell me it's all in my head and then I'll feel stupid for wasting her time and mine. That's why I hate going to doctors. That and the fact that they may find out that something is actually wrong. I don't like either of those scenarios.

And the Steelers lost thanks to Tommy Maddox's stupidity. How can you not fall on a fumble when you are in field goal range in overtime? Idiot. Then he throws an interception that ends the game. I hope Ben Rothlesburger is better next week.

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