Friday, November 19, 2004

I'm Still Alive

I just haven't been able to get here to write very much. Still working on NaNo - finally broke 10,000, which was my personal goal. Anything else Imanage to produce is gravy now as far as I'm concerned. What I have completed is 21 single spaced pages. Other than my senior thesis in college, I have never written that much on one thing. Two more pages and I will surpass that, too. I'm really excited and kind of proud of myself.

Work has been a little less awful. I don't much enjoy what I am doing, but at least I'm doing something productive. There is a position open here that I really want to apply for, but I'm not allowed as I am a temp. If the company gave me permission I could, though, but I can't figure out who to ask.

I wanted to share this little piece with y'all (Hi again to my regular reader! Surprised you're still with me given the paucity of updates.). This was in the order of worship for the church I've been going to. They were finishing up their stewardship campaign this past weekend. It started with a story that I chose not to include here because the message is still relevant without it and I don't feel like typing it.

Good stewards care for all that God has entrusted to them, including themselves, and their own faith lives. We've encouraged you over the last few weeks to seriously examine your own stewardship and to consider what more you can give. We have called your attention to several important questions God asks of us: Where are you? What have you done? Where is your brother/sister/neighbor? Who do you say that I am? In those questions is the element of accountability. God does ask certain things of us. God does want to hear us say "Yes!" Surrounding those questions, too, however, are the gifts of grace and forgiveness from a "Yes-saying" God, a God who loves and cares for us, a God who knows we cannot continually give without also receiving. When we feel empty, our lives cannot speak Jesus. In those moments when we feel like we wander through the wilderness, we can come to worship. Here we will know that God is always saying "Yes" to us.

This little piece just really spoke to me. It was a reminder that despite dark days, frustrations, and everything else, God loves me enough to say "Yes" to my creation and my continued existence. And that is a pretty cool thing.

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