Sunday, November 28, 2004

I Was Wondering...

Can anyone think of any songs about rainbows other than Somewhere Over the Rainbow and Rainbow Connection? Why am I asking such an inane question?

Well, I began an e-mail to a friend with the question, "So why are there so many songs about rainbows, anyway?" Then I realized that I couldn't think of any songs about rainbows except for those two. Which meant that Kermit was given to wild hyperbole. That would be a shame if it's true. I'd hate to see a childhood icon reduced to the status of a drama queen.

So, now back to real life.

Well, I had Thanksgiving dinner with the couple from the church who was orginally from Pittsburgh. It was a little awkward because I didn't know any of their family, and I'm shy (plus all their kids and grandson were talking about was Halo 2, and I know nothing about video games. Another product of my deprived childhood. ;)). But despite that, it was...familiar. There was no weird food like there was the one time I went to someone's house down here, they turkey tasted bland and slightly dry like it's supposed to, and the stuffing was plain old bread stuffing. It was kind of nice.

I don't remember (and don't feel like looking to see) if I mentioned it, but the pastor from that church e-mailed me. It was nice that he acknowledged me. I e-mailed him back asking him if I could meet with him sometime and talk about everything I have been thinking and reflecting, and praying about. He hasn't gotten back yet, but that's OK.

Talking to someone doesn't mean I'm making a committment, does it? I just think I have taken my contemplations as far as God and I alone can. I need another person to help me to guide

Tomorrow my department (all two of us) is moving to the other building. Don't know how I feel about that. I really wish they would just hire me, already. I'm tired of not having benefits (especially since I skipped my period for the past two months - no fear of pregnancy, but who knows what else?), and a few more dollars an hour would be nice. Heck, even a dollar more an hour would be nice (Access people should make more than what I am. They only asked for Excel when they contacted the agency. It was a bonus that I knew Access.).

My NaNo novel kind of hit stagnation. But I'm ok with that. I surpassed 10000 and 20 pages single spaced. I won't be ignoring it now.

I watched Pollyanna on Masterpiece Theatre tonight. My mom wouldn't let me read that when I was a kid. I never really knew why, and I still don't. I mean, she even let me read Judy Blume at an age when I was a little too young for it (in terms of subject matter, not reading level). She let me read pretty much anything I wanted, in fact, as long as she read it too and we talked about it. But I wasn't allowed to read Pollyanna. Hmm.

I'm going to go have English muffins now. Are they the same as crumpets? If so, I think I'm going to start saying that instead. Just because it's a fun word.


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