Sunday, November 02, 2008

I think I need to mention to my endo when I see her this month that my hormones seem really out of whack. Today I cried in church because an old man whose wife died earlier this year (I didn't know them, as they don't typically come to church because they are really old - his son brought him today), looked really sad when he came back to the pew after lighting a memorial candle. Then when I got home, I cried when I clicked on to the Project Linus website to see if they had a chapter in Baton Rouge yet (they don't for what it's worth, and I have no intention of starting one - I think. No, I really don't have time. Sigh), just because the idea of sick or scared children makes me sad. And just a few minutes ago, an ad for Alzheimers medication brought tears to my eyes.

That can't be normal, can it?

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tomzgrrl said...

Okay, but *I* cried during High School Musical 3 (both times) AND I cried when I sang the National Anthem at a volleyball game last week. (I always cry during the National Anthem, though.)

One week, I was sobbing in church so hard and couldn't stop.

Come to think of it, I think that my hormones might be out of whack, too.

But it's not as abnormal as you think. The trick or treaters in the grocery store would have made me cry, too. And don't even get me STARTED on country music!