Thursday, October 30, 2008

I missed 6 questions. I bet they were all in music, though that section seemed pretty easy to me...

Your result for The 80's Test...

The Master of the Universe!

You slapped a radical 24 out of 30 High-Fives!

Bodacious, you are truly the Ferris Bueller of 80's quizzes. Take this opportunity to lay back and drink your cherry cola, flip down your mirrored aviator sunglasses and listen to your favourite beats on your walkman - you deserve it!

If you enjoyed this test or have any suggestions at all on how to improve it, or even if you spotted a question thats just plain wrong, please let me know! My website is or you can catch me on OKCupid as "chimpwithalimp". I love to get messages of any kind so feel free to contact me.


Anthony (Proud child of the 80s)

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