Monday, July 18, 2005

Thoughts on Harry Potter 6

I swear I'm going to get deep tomorrow. But I'm too tired to be deep today, and I'm a little sick (have been since the fiasco that left friends wondering if I was OK, though I never actually did consume any alcohol. I just like to say that I'm going to).

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince was so worth the wait. It has been interesting to watch Harry and Co., as well as Rowling's writing style, mature as time has gone on. I'm not going to give away any specifics in case some unsuspecting person happens along here by clicking Next Blog, but here we go...

  • Snape - I know he's just a nasty git, but I still don't think he's completely evil, despite his actions in this book. I really think that he and Dumbledore discussed what he would have to do when the situation at the end of the book arose, and that "look of hatred" was self-directed rather than directed outward.
  • Voldemort - Loved the backstory, and some things make a whole lot more sense now. Also like the comment on cousin breeding we get when we meet Tom's grandfather. It made me giggle. It also shows that Rowling intends these books for an older audience
  • Harry - Liked how he matured. Some people commented that they thought his recovery from Sirius's death was too abrupt, but I think it was a sign of maturity. Realizing that no matter how much you want the person you are grieving for to come back, nothing will change the fact that they are dead, and you are not and that you have to live is a real way of coping. Loved the Harry/Ginny action, hated what happened at the end. I think that it really is only a pause, though, and not a true end.
  • Ron/Hermione - Please let them finally realize that they are crushing on each other, and get the fighting done with. It was funny, but a bit overdone in this one.
  • Dumbledore - People who want to make this into an allegory for the Christ story always tend to cast Harry into the role of Christ because of his "Savior of the Wizarding World" title. I have always argued that it is really Dumbledore in that role (though I don't like forcing allegory where none really exists). If you buy into the allegory thing, I think my point is proven in this book. I always thought of Harry more as an apostle than the Christ figure, and again I think that is proving true.
  • Hogwarts - Yeah, it will reopen. And Harry will return, but perhaps with a detour thrown in beforehand
  • Bill - Yikes
  • Neville - The one thing I was hoping for more of and didn't get in this book. I love Neville, and I love his interaction with Harry and Co.

I guess that's all. I'm heading home now to watch Hell's Kitchen, my new guilty pleasure.

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