Monday, January 17, 2005

Random Question of the Day

Yesterday at lunch with the young adult group, the question arose: When do you stop being a young adult? Here were some of the suggestions:

  • When you have children
  • When you aren't thrilled that the pastor pays for lunch once a month
  • When you can go a whole year without worrying about meeting your rent once
  • When your student loas are paid off (if that's the definition, I'll still be a young adult when I'm 60!)
  • When you purposely turn your car radio to light and airy favorites

So I put the question to anyone who wanders over here - When do you stop being a young adult and become just an adult?


Anonymous said...

When you have a full time job and live on your own.

Chevy Rose said...

Your question is actually two. First, when does one stop being young? I think it's about the age of thirty, plus or minus five years. Youth is still dependent on others for food and shelter, and acts without thinking ahead.
Second is being an adult. That is a unboundless era. I know a few eighty year olds who still act like they thirteen! They giggle and flirt and pursue younger men, like hormone-driven wildcats. Becoming a parent is not a magic switch to turn one into an adult either. If it was, then there would be no neglected children. I think you start being an adult when you take responsibilty of your every action, can resist temptation by thinking ahead and culculate the consequences of those actions. When you learn from your 'mistakes'. When you seek advice from wiser, richer, and godly people, I think that is called "maturing", and youth ends. I personally am a elderly person, but am still learning to be an adult. Always seeking answers to clear the way to at last wear that badge of 'ADULT'.