Friday, June 18, 2004

Let's try this again, shall we?

OK. I've done the blog thing before, or tried to. But I get bored and lose my interest fairly quickly - I have the intention span of a gnat with ADD most times. But I figured I'd try this out again. Why? Well, I'm in crisis mode lately. A career crisis, an emotional crisis, a crisis of faith (is that still parallel? Sorry - English major in me just won't go away), and probably a few others to boot. I'm a little on the edge of a cliff right now, and I need something to keep me from taking that final step. The one thing that I have consistently enjoyed in my life - in school, at work, and as a hobby - is writing. So, in an effort to keep sane, I'm going to commit to writing more. I mean it this time. Really.

This space will be just a whole bunch of different things. Sometimes fiction I'm working on, sometimes other stuff, sometimes just random mental meaderings (meander is a really good word!). So, assuming this works and it actually posts, I'll be back almost daily - I hope.

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